Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blue Knights Tx XX Meeting 8-26-08

Tuesday, 8-26-08, at 6 p.m. was the Weekday meeting of the Blue Knights Tx XX. Items discussed where the same as on the Saturday meeting, 8-23-08 (see post dated 8-23-08). Scroll down and check out this brief meeting and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE IT BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

David & Kyle made it. Kyle rode his bike & David opted for his pickup truck & air conditioning.

Doug and I, as Doug explains his views on the Colors situation.

Jim & Doug. Doug suggested a good destination for a club run and it will probably occur in Sept. when it starts cooling down. As it is a run South, the cooler temps would make it a more enjoyable ride.

Jim got his drink of cold water & then headed out. He is our Chapters past President and now one of the Road Captain/Directors.

Here is Doug & his new Harley. He is color co-ordinated.

Here is Kyle & his Harley. Amy, his wife, also has a good looking Harley. Scroll back to the CrimeStoppers Fun Run and check out her bike..

This is Danny & his Harley. He had a plumbing emergency at his house and his wife called. And as all of us married guys know, if the wife calls and tells ya to get home now, you go. Plus he did not want his house to flood.

This is Doug and David. David didn't want me to take a picture of him & his truck, so.....Here tis, David's requested picture...

Being the pain in the butt that I am, I could not resist taking a picture of David leaving the parking lot anyway.. And with this picture, this post ends. Scroll down for more rides, events & posts and don't forget to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of EACH page, for more posts back to January 08. So, until next ride & post, ya'll be careful, ride safe & keep the rubber on the road................JOHN

Harley Hunting Begins 8-26-08

Today, Tuesday, 8-26-08, I rode over to Steve & Sissy's house to meet with Sissy to go down to the Four Stars Auto Ranch/Motorcycle Ranch in Henrietta Texas, to begin my hunt for my Harley. I know the local Harley shop has good deals on used Harley's, but Four Stars has GREAT deals on used Harley's, and that is why I will buy my used Harley there. Now, if it comes down to a new Harley, then I may go to the local Harley dealership. I will give the address & phone numbers to Four Stars Auto Ranch at the end of this post because they also have GREAT deals on New & Used cars & trucks. Scroll down and check out the bike I would give Ms. Clone up for and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE...

Here is Sissy standing by her & Steve's new Toy Hauler...They've already been weekending in it up at the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma. That is also her Harley.

Another view of the Toy Hauler..In addition to sleeping in it, they can also haul their bikes around in it, hence the nickname: "Toy Hauler"..

This is Four Stars Auto/Motorcycle Ranch in Henrietta Texas. They have a multitude of great bikes at great prices. (for more info, click on the following link: ). I am interested in the white Ultra Classic, 4th one down..

Here are some of the bikes on the lot for sale. They also have more inside.

Here it is...Thing is loaded..I am afraid that Ms. Clone & I are soon to be divorced.. Ms Harley may be in the garage soon..

Side view of the Harley I want..Only one obstacle in my way: Janice....

The fairing & lights on the Harley..

This is from left to right: Robert, owner of Four Stars Auto/MC Ranch and Charlie, sales manager of Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch. Robert was telling us that when he and some friends were returning from Mexico on their bikes, a deer leaped from the side of the road and landed on Robert & his bike. It broke both his wrists, his left knee in 5 places and a rib or two. But, he still rides. As a matter of fact, that is Robert's Screaming Eagle they are standing at.

Another picture of Robert & Charlie, inside Four Stars Motorcycle Ranch.

After agreeing to get back with Charlie, Sissy & I headed back to Wichita Falls, taking the back roads around Lake Arrowhead. Here is Sissy going across the dam.

Another view of Sissy crossing the Lake Arrowhead Dam. Ya know, I must of had a brain fart, because I did not get a picture of Sissy with Robert & Charlie. She is good friends with them both & she was the one that intro'd me to them...

Just before doing this post, I checked my e-mail and my brother Bob, in Michigan sent me this picture of him and my niece Melanie. They just got back from a run up there & helped raise $69,000 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Way to go bro!! and that's a great picture of you & Mel..

That will terminate this post. I now have to go into negotiations with my wife Janice on the bike. It will be a big trade off because she wants that style of Harley with the comfy passenger seat and I don't like fairing's...So, now the fun begins. However, I think I stand a better chance of getting to be Louis Farrakhan's 2nd in command than getting this bike..Time will tell.

If you are looking for a good used Harley or any kind of bike, or looking for a new or used car, I suggest ya try Four Stars Auto Ranch/Motorcycle Ranch in Henrietta Texas. They are located at Hwy 287/Hwy 148 Henrietta Texas. Give Charlie a call at the M/C Ranch at 940-538-4400. He will work with you and give you the best deal possible. For the new/used cars call toll free 800-299-4782. the link has all the used M/C 's listed.

Scroll down for more rides, events & posts and don't forget to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of EACH page for more rides & posts back to January 08. Until next ride & post, ride safe & keep the rubber on the road....JOHN

Monday, August 25, 2008

Uncle Kurt & Aunt Shirley's Soon To Be Harley Trike 8-25-08

I mentioned on the 8-23-08 post that our Uncle Kurt & Aunt Shirley were going to go to Kansas City to look at a Harley Trike. The picture I put on that post showed them on a Gold Wing trike that they had test driven. Now, Uncle Kurt has always had Harley's and loves them and Harley's are in his blood. Like I mentioned, age means nothing as he is 80 yrs old and when he makes his mind up to do something, he does it. I can honestly say he is in better shape than men half his age and could handle a two wheeled Harley if he so desired. But, tonight I got the picture below from them so scroll down and take a look see at the future addition to the family and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THIS PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE...

This is the trike they want: a 2009 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide. Heck, I didn't even know Harley made trikes. But this is a great looking ride and I am almost as excited as they are, about them getting it..

This will conclude this post. More on the trike as they send me info. Tomorrow, Sissy (Steve's wife) & I are going to Henrietta Texas to check on a 2008 105th Anniversary Edition Harley Softtail for me..I may even trade in Ms. Clone. So, if all goes well, I may be riding up to Missouri on a Harley myself.. Having had several Harley's, it is time for me to return to the world of Harley..Should've never left it....Scroll down for more rides, events & posts and be sure to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of EACH page for more motorcycle posts back to January 08. Until next ride & post, ya'll be careful, ride safe & keep the rubber on the road......JOHN

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Blue Knights Tx XX Meeting 8-23-08

Saturday, 8-23-08 was an extremely busy day for the area. The Hotter-N-Hell-Hundred bicycle race was going on (12,00 riders from all over the country) and Red River Harley-Davidson was having its 105th Anniversary Party with food, bands, and all kinds of stuff and it was a rest stop for riders heading up to Milwaukee for the huge Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary Bash. For more info on the Hotter-N-Hell-Hundred click this link: For more info on Red River Harley Davidson & the going ons there, click this link: The reason I mentioned the above is because it may of accounted for our shortage of members at tonight's meeting. I know several rode in or had to work at the bicycle race and several were working at the Harley thing. Plus others are out of town on vacation and such..But scroll down and check out the few who did make it and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE!

Entertainment for tonight's meeting was reduced to me telling stories and singing some of my favorite Pavarotti tunes...

The members that showed are left to right: Clint, Rodney & Steve..I can honestly say, they were not impressed with the entertainment selection...

Here are Clint, me & Steve...They work weekends and are usually with us on the weekday rides. We are putting another ride together for the 2nd week in Sept, on a weekday..

At the meeting we covered the RGC Travel Pin Award, the current dangers of wearing the colors following the shooting death of a Hells Angel by an Iron Pig member in Sturgis, future rides & events & recruitment. The meeting over, Rodney, Steve & Clint prepare to leave..

That will end this post. Next meeting is Tuesday, 8-26-08 and I hope more members attend as well as those who wish to join or renew their membership. Scroll down for more events, rides & posts and don't forget to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of EACH page for more posts, back to January 08. Until next ride & post, ya'll be careful out there, ride safe, watch your back and keep the rubber on the road......................JOHN

Uncle Kurt & Aunt Shirley Getting a Harley Trike 8-23-08

Tonight, Saturday, 8-23-08, I got an e-mail from Janice's Aunt Shirley that lives in Missouri. Seem that she and my Uncle Kurt are going too Kansas City next month and are going to get a Harley trike!! When I lived up there in Missouri, Uncle Kurt & I would go to the Harley shop and look at the bikes. He is Harley through & through. And if anybody lays that "I'm too old to ride" thing on ya, tell them about Uncle Kurt....He is 80. Scroll down and meet Uncle Kurt & Aunt Shirley and REMEMBER: IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE!

Here they are test driving a trike..This is not a Harley though. It looks like a gold wing to me. But they rode it and loved it and the next time you see them on the blog, they will be on their Harley trike. I can't wait...

That's it for this post. Stay tuned for their next post (September maybe) and pictures of them on the Harley. I may ride the bike up to see them and get some pictures of them moving on down the road. Until then, scroll down for more rides, events and posts and don't forget to click on the "older posts" on the bottom of EACH page for more posts back to January 08. Until next ride & post, ya'll be careful out there, ride safe & keep the rubber on the road....JOHN

Friday, August 22, 2008

Helping Pattie Break In Her Harley..A Group Affair.....8-22-08

On the last post (Rain, Harley's & Dinner 8-19-08) you saw Pattie's new Harley still on the showroom floor at Red River Harley Davidson. Today, Friday, 8-22-08, she picked up her Harley. As we were going to meet at RRHD, and my wife was working, I asked my daughter, Amanda, if she wanted to go. The fact that I told her I would buy her dinner, if we went, and that she had told me yesterday she wanted to ride on the motorcycle again, she readily accepted. Scroll down & check out Pattie's new Harley and, as usual, the spur of the moment happenings that always occur when we all meet. REMEMBER, IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE PICTURE BIGGER, JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE.

Prior to going to Red River Harley Davidson, I picked up Amanda & we went to get gas. We never know if we are gonna head off into the sunset or not go anywhere (within 100 miles) when we all get together. So,I gas up just in case. Here is Amanda at the gas station

Another of Amanda at the gas station

We got to RRHD and here is Lance, The Man In Black and his Black Harley

Here is Pattie's new Ultra Classic out of the showroom.

Here is the other side of Pattie's new Harley. That is Sissy's yellow Harley a space down

We head out for a spur of the moment ride to The Feed Lot in Burburnett. That is Pattie turning right, Lance behind her, Kevin & Deborah in front of us, and Sissy to our right

Here we are northbound on City View. Amanda took all the road pictures today.

Still Northbound on City View as we head for I-44 East and Burkburnett, Texas. Burkburnett is the last city in Texas on I-44 prior to crossing the Red River into Oklahoma. It is also home to Stone Creek Leathers.

Amanda takes a self portrait as we head North on I-44. She likes riding on the bike...She will REALLY enjoy it when I get my Harley...

Here is Sissy on the move down I-44

We got to The Feed Lot in Burkburnett. This is Alicia, our waitress.

Here are Deborah & Kevin inside The Feed Lot

Me & Amanda in The Feed Lot. My other daughter, Amy, is getting married next weekend, so I got a haircut and trimmed my goatee..I look terrible. I just hope the hair grows back.

Another of Deborah & Kevin.

Lance & Pattie having a laugh. We always have fun on these spur of the moment things. Lance would have even more fun, if he got his order at the same time as we all did. This was the 2nd time in a row, they forgot him. The first time was at Logan's last Tuesday.

Have to have my weekly picture of Pattie & Sissy. Theirs is the epitome of friendship.

Sissy & Steve are always coming up with things to do and places to go..

We get ready to head to Russ & Linda's. They called and asked if we'd swing by so Linda could see Pattie's Harley. Left to right: Steve, parked behind everyone, Pattie, Sissy, Deborah & Kevin and Lance.

Another view: Pattie, Sissy, Deborah & Kevin, Lance & Amanda

Me, Lance & Amanda in the parking lot of The Feed Lot, Burkburnett, Texas

Prior to going to Russ & Linda's, I dropped Amanda off at home. Here she is out in her drive way

Since I drank 10 gallons of ice tea in Burkburnett, I was in dire need of a porcelain receptacle, so I went in. On the way out I took a picture of Smokey's twin, who was eyeballing me..

At Russ's, this is Steve's Harley and Russ's Harley on the other side by his new truck

This is Sissy's and Kevin & Deborah's Harley's

Here is Russ drying off the "Black Knight"

Here are Pattie, Russ, Linda & Kevin around Pattie's Harley

Kevin & Pattie at Russ & Linda's

Pattie, Russ & Linda in the driveway at Russ & Linda's

Pattie & her new pride & joy, her 2009 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic.

The girls gather 'round for a group pic: Linda, Sissy, Pattie & Deborah..

Linda & Russ, as the sun sets & their hamburger's get cold....The heavy price you pay with friends like us...(grin)

One of the girls mentioned boogers...So, we did a booger check...Click on the picture and examine, if you will, the nostrils of these fine women. Not a booger to be seen. I give them a booger free, clean nostril bill of health..

Naturally, as I laid there taking the booger pics (no pun intended), a dog came and pee'd on me and I momentarily froze... Now I was really down & dirty in the gutter....

The last picture taken, was of Lance's Black bike. Lance has two Harley's, both black with little to no chrome..

This will terminate this post. Had a great time, as usual, and look forward to our next rendezvous. Scroll down for more rides, events & posts and don't forget to click on the "older posts" link at the bottom of EACH page for more posts, back to January 08. So until next post (probably the Harley 105th event at RRHD tomorrow), ya'll be careful, ride safe and keep the rubber on the road and your noses clean........JOHN